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Who's in Charge around Here?

Dano's Pizza by the Shore came to life November 2020. Formerly Tommy's Beachside Pizza this family owned and operated business has been making moves to bring this little shop back to life. Dano and his family knows how to work hard and it shows. This family is making a name for themselves in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida. Serving only the freshest ingredients and local produce daily. This is true authentic hand tossed Jersey Style pizza, subs, strombolis, calzones, salads and more! Dine in & take out available daily Tuesday - Sunday 11am-9pm with delivery availble daily from 4pm-9pm ($3 fee applied). 

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The Family


Born and raised off the Jersey Shore. He was born slinging pies. He always had a knack for business, he knew one day he would have his very own shop on the beaches of Florida. October 2018, that dream finally came true. He took over what was formerly Tommy's Beachside Pizza.  Never afraid of a little hard work. He's the hands on kind of guy. Enjoys learning about new things and eager to problem solve. He loves pizza and you can hear him speak to that truth often. He enjoys his lunch crowd. He's often cracking jokes and poking fun with his patrons. He believes in quality and consistency and preaches this daily to his crew.  


She met Dano when they were only 19 and has been by his side ever since. She has enjoyed learning many of the secret recipes. She loves spending time with her family and watching movies. Like Dano, she too is a business owner and typically doesn't make her appearance at Dano's till the evening hours and weekends. She enjoys chatting it up with the locals and poking fun at Dano. She loves her family and tries to make everyone feel like they are apart of hers as well. 


She is the first born and only daughter of Dano. She has a strong head on her shoulders and is known as "The Beast" around the shop. She can run that place with her eyes shut. Dano could not be any prouder, she is her father's daughter. She definitely embraces her italian roots. She can be loud and firm, but she has a pure heart and will do anything to help her family. On top of running the shop she will also be attending UCF, they are lucky to have her. 

Little Dano: 

He is one cool dude. You can't help but naturally be gravitated to his skills. He definitely has pizza sauce flowing through his veins. He may be young, but his skills are nothing short of Dano's legacy. He may appear quiet, but he is often heard telling everyone that he's the original Dano. If he is not found at Dano's his second home is the golf course. He is frequently seen at Crane Creek and has introduced many new customers to Dano's. He is always so giving and just like his sister does what he has to to take care of his family. 

The Crew: 

Dano's Pizza by the Shore is family. We support one another and we value our little spot. We are always trying to bring in those who have similar values and that can fit the mold of what we are trying to establish. We take pride in getting to know everyone that takes on the challenge. We may yell, but this is a family business and the crew we have is all in with us and that's what makes the crew at Dano's so essential to it's operation. They try and everyday we continue to mold them to ensure that wherever the future takes them, they have a piece of Dano's to remember how their journey started. 

You wanna piece of me? (Applicants)

Looking for a job opportunity? Feel free to stop by and fill out an application or send your resume via email. We may not always have something readily available, but if you're a good fit, we always make room for family. 

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1879 S. Patrick Dr 

Indian Harbour Beach, Fl 32937

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